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Lessons in Money: From Betrayal to Resilience, Shaping a Brighter

Financial Future for My Daughters

My relationship with money was never really a relationship at all; it was merely a tool. As a child, I viewed money as something perpetually out of reach. As a teenager, it was my ticket to independence. As an adult with a steady job, I earned well, but I struggled to hold onto it.

Growing up, I witnessed my single mother tirelessly juggling 2-3 jobs, yet we were always financially strapped. School trips, extracurricular activities, or even a simple drive to Galveston were unaffordable luxuries. Determined to break this cycle, I took on my first job at 16 and saved diligently, amassing over $5,000 for my first car by senior year.

However, my pride was short-lived. I entrusted my mother with my hard-earned money, only to discover that she had spent it all. This betrayal shattered my trust and sent me down a path of poor financial decisions. I moved out as soon as I could and, influenced by misguided advice, made reckless choices like financing an unaffordable car and accumulating credit card debt. Little did I know, these decisions would haunt me for nearly a decade.

In the end, my journey with money has been a turbulent one, marked by trust, betrayal, and youthful indiscretions. It has taken me years to come to terms with the mistakes I made and to truly understand the value of financial independence.

Today, I no longer see money as just a tool or a means to an end. It’s a reflection of the choices we make and the lessons we learn. Through my experiences, I’ve gained a newfound appreciation for financial literacy and the importance of building a healthy relationship with money.

While I can’t change the past, I can shape my future. But the most significant impact of this journey is ensuring I am bringing my daughters on this journey, so they understand how money fits into our lives and values. Understanding that money is not just a tool; it’s a teacher of what we value in this life.  the importance of saving, of making wise choices, and of planning for the future.

My hope is that, through these lessons, they can build a strong foundation for their financial future. I may not be able to change my past, but I can certainly influence my daughter’s future for the better.

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